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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How to intern

Hey everyone!

I wanted to take some time to talk about my internship as an architectural and construction management intern. I work at a small residential remodelling firm called mattson|schuster. Prior to studying abroad, I spent a year as an architectural design intern here. When I saw there was an open position there again this winter, I decided to contact them.
What draws me in to mattson|schuster is the small size of the company, which allows me to get a lot of hands-on work each day and with the customers. As an architectural design intern, I got to meet with customers at their homes to measure and discuss their remodeling plans. I would then create 3+ different design suggestions for them when they meet with us again. This time around as a architectural and construction management intern, I spend my days visiting the various project sites, checking on the progress, and making sure the schedule and timeline are in order. I have really appreciated being able to come back to this company with a new role so I can learn different areas of the field.

Its also really great to pair the practicality of an internship with the exploration of design school. I think the overlap is very influential for an architectural education.