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Monday, April 11, 2016

Hit the Lights (Metaphorically)

I’ve been in the College of Design imaging labs once or twice before, and only briefly, but this week I made use of them extensively for the first time. I went in to the lab in McNeal Hall to take pictures of my latest packaging project, and I think the images turned out pretty nicely! Having a solid white backdrop really brings your focus in on the products, and the lighting makes all of the colors pop (although I did go in and level some things out in Photoshop, as well).

Honestly, I was really nervous going in there mostly because of the lighting set up—I had no idea where to put the tall lights, or which ones I should be using. Thankfully, the girl working there was able to help me out! She set up the lights I needed in the right places and turned them off for me after I almost burned my hand trying to touch a very hot knob. Fun fact: those lights get really warm after they’ve been on for ten minutes. Don’t make the same mistakes as me. Keep your hands away from those things while they’re on.

I highly recommend bringing in your finished projects to the imaging lab and taking professional looking shots of them. High quality photographs will make your portfolio so much more impressive! I know I’m going to be bringing some of my work back in and taking some more pictures very soon—and this time I’ll be much more careful with those lights.


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