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Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Hey everyone,

Spring has arrived, the weather is nice, and Minnesota is ALIVE! As much as I love the warm weather to be upon us, it makes doing school work even more challenging. But, I’m just a few weeks away from the no homework lifestyle, so I’m doing my best to buckle down right now. 

My blog this week is to focus on the importance of collaboration. Over the years, the negative group members have fallen, and we are left with passionate people who have so many different ideas. Collaboration in design school is critical because it allows you to learn about different ways of thinking, different design methods, and it gives you the opportunity for peer evaluation. Even if collaboration does not occur in a group project, it still occurs in and outside of class time.

“Studio Culture” is a term often use described what goes on behind these four walls. Much of it focuses on how often everyone is at studio – eating, sleeping – but also on the ability to ask a question and receive comments at any time. Your peers become your professors, and sometimes you become someone else’s professor. The learning never ends in the design field, and it is amazing how much we can learn from our peers through collaboration.

Here are the wonderful people I've been collaborating with this semester :) Check out our studio blog here!