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Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Moment of Reflection

Working on my illustrations
These past couple of weeks, I’ve been continuing to work on my Target project. This phase in the project is heavily dependent on the designers of each group. This is the phase where the designers are creating the illustrations, the flats, and creating the test garment for the project. That’s a lot of work to do, but luckily I have a wonderful partner to help me, and we both have varying strengths that work well with each other. Last summer she did an internship with Target doing Technical design, so giving her the task of completing the flats was the better choice. I have strong illustration skills in both manual and digital techniques, so the natural choice was for me to do the illustrations. We both are very strong in construction, so we will both be working on the test garment.

I love that we both have strengths that compliment each other, making us a wonderful working pair. It’s interesting to look at my fellow designers and me to see how much we have grown in our skills and knowledge. I think about the major developments in my skills since I started the program, and I can tell just from looking at previous projects that I have improved immensely. My illustration skills, my construction, and my design process have all improved. Seeing these developments really helps motivate me to continue to work hard. Moments of reflection like this help me see the bigger picture, especially during hard times of stress and defeat. Taking time to reflect on yourself, no matter what major you are in or where you are in your life, really helps put things into perspective. That’s my quick little tip for anyone having a tough time in school or in life, to just pause for a few moments, breath, and reflect on the good things. I guarantee that it will give you boost of rejuvenation and motivation.

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