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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Working Together

The past couple of weeks, I have been working mainly on the big Target project for my Product Development class. Our group was given Merona RTW, so we are utilizing everything that we learned to research the brand and create a product for it, and also to develop all of the merchandising aspects as well. It’s definitely been an interesting time trying to figure this process out and having to work with the rest of my group members. My group members consist of three retail merchandising majors and another designer. We all have different working styles, aesthetics, and ideas, but luckily we all seem to work really well together. We’ve already done our first presentation for Target; it was unbelievably nerve racking, but we got through it. I think our presentation went really well, and it was well received by the Target panel. There are some things that we are going to continue to develop, but I have confidence that we are going to do really well.

Photo from the photoshoot.
Photographer: Alex Butterfield
Model: Lucy Mulligan
Hair and Makeup: Olivia Mishan
Outside of the Target project, I was able to do an amazing photo shoot with the awesome photographer, Alex Butterfield. I’m very fortunate to have had that opportunity. My friend, Lucy, who is also an alum of the apparel design program, was working on a project with Alex, and she needed clothes to wear for the shoot. She forwarded my collection to Alex and he really liked it, so we put it all together to do the photoshoot. We had me, the designer, Alex, the photographer, Lucy, the model, and Olivia, the hair and makeup. This was such an amazing experience working with other creatives, utilizing all of our different talents to create beautiful work.

It’s interesting to think about all of the interactions we have in our lives and how we end up working with people for many different things. These people can be similar to you and also very different from you,  yet you all have the same goal in common. This project for Target and all of the group projects I’ve had to work on during my time at the U have actually taught me how I fit in with other people and how I work with them. It also shows that you have to be aware of everyone that you work with because you never know how you may reconnect with them again in the future.

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