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Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Boldest Midterm of Them All

Hey everyone,

Spring break is just next week, and that can only mean one thing... Midterms! Usually midterms can be a pretty stressful time with plenty of exams and project deadlines. Luckily this semester, I'm only looking at a studio midterm, and a rough draft for a history paper.

Having more time to focus and devote to my studio midterm, I've been able to explore a few things, which has been interesting, especially when our only guideline is "be bold." Our project this semester is looking at a proposed Riverview Corridor  in St. Paul that provides a transportation system or redevelopment of the urban fabric. What is really exciting about this project is the stakeholders, the city, and organizations we are able to work with throughout the project. Plenty of research and studies have been completed about this region as they work towards developing a future plan. We are coming in at a unique time when a lot with the project can still change. Being students, some of our work can be really eccentric, which will spark new ideas for the project. My professor's advice to "be bold" was an exceptional path to direct us onto for our midterm work.

Watch the CDes Instagram to see my project develop for Wednesday's review :)