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Monday, March 7, 2016

Studio Visit in Florence

Hey everyone!

While we were in Florence for an extended weekend, we had the opportunity to visit the studio of architect Andrea Ponsi. Andrea is a well-known architect with interests in city planning, painting, watercolor and writing. Being in the midst of working on our final drawings for Rome, this visit was a great way to get inspiration for our own work.  Having him welcome us into his studio was such an honor and wonderful experience.
During our visit, Andrea first sat down with us and discussed his work and approach to drawing and design. I found it very interesting to learn about how he finds a relationship between drawing, writing, and thinking. He discussed that through experimental and observational drawings, you can observe things in a way that writing could not achieve on its own; and vise versa. He also discussed his book, “Florence - A Map of Perceptions” which looks into the city planning, architecture and experiential elements of Florence. After talking for bit, Andrea demonstrated his approach to drawing and watercolor for us all. Watching him sketch, it was interesting to see his process and technique. In his work, each line he drew seemed to have a purpose and meaning that all came together to create the sketch. During the visit, we also had the opportunity to tour the space and look at some of his work, which was incredible. His studio is filled with various furniture, objects, and drawings that he has worked on. One of my favorite sets of drawings was his continuous linear map of a city. In these, he would start at one point of the city and draw chronologically what he would see to the designated end of the path.

    This studio visit was a great experience because I was able to learn from a current professional architect and see what the design field has to offer. To learn more about Andrea Ponsi's work, you can check out his website.

Until next time,
Landscape Design and Planning