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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Portfolio Production

Hi again!

The sun is starting to shine, and we're getting a bit of a thaw as spring break approaches. It's getting closer to summer, and that means the hunt for this summer's internships is on. I recently put together a portfolio in preparation of looking for internships and thought it might be helpful to share some advice that I've gotten about portfolio design.

A page from my portfolio with a collage of Instagrams.
Portfolios are a great way to share your work and show possible employers what you have to offer, so it's important that it represents your personality and capabilities. I was told that it's a good idea to include something in your portfolio that reflects your interests outside of your major. In mine, I included a collage of the Instagram photos I've produced for the College of Design (on the right), which shows not only something I've been involved in, but the Instagram photos themselves express my personal interests. It allows them to get to know your personal interests and could really contribute to conversation in an interview. It's a personal touch that allows them to get to know you!

While making my portfolio, I looked at some other students' portfolios posted on ISSUU to look at their compositions. Another thing I've learned is that you do not want to be too wordy. Let your work do the talking and only include a brief description of the project and concept. This way, the words aren't overwhelming, and you can explain the items themselves. However, there should still be enough text that someone can understand it if you weren't around to explain.

I definitely suggest taking a look at some of the examples to see ones you like. No portfolio is perfect, and there's no perfect way to make one. Look at them and figure out which parts you like and don't like, and transfer the best characteristics into your own portfolio design. Most importantly, I think, is to make it your own - make it reflect the unique person you are so you can stand out, and hopefully it will lead to some great opportunities (I'm hoping mine will be contributing to an internship in the near future!)

Until next time,
Interior Design