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Monday, March 21, 2016

Landed in Istanbul!

Hey everyone!

The rest of the Rome-Istanbul 2016 crew and I have arrived in Istanbul, Turkey to begin the second part of our study abroad experience!

These past couple of days, we have had a quick orientation of our study center and studio space as well as of the city. The study center is in a great location, with a cafe nearby and only a 10 minute walk to the water. We also have been able to explore and wander the city. Istanbul is such a big city—being in both Europe and Asia—it is filled with wonderful people and spaces to explore.

Our studio space

Sunset over Istanbul
For the studio project, we are focusing on the public space surrounding the ferry station. Since this is on the Asian side of Istanbul, we get to take the ferry over almost everyday to visit the site and do research. The ferry ride is about 15 minutes long and gives you such a great view of the city! Last night, a few of us took the ferry at sunset, and it was beautiful to see the sunset over the water and the mosques begin to light up in the night! This next week we start our classes, beginning with introductory survival Turkish and studio on Monday!

Until next time!
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