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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Final Reviews in Rome

Hey Everyone!
This last week in Rome, I have been busy working on my final drawings of our map of Rome. My partner and my section focus on the northern portion of Rome just inside the ancient Aurelian walls of the city. This included the Piazza del Popolo, which was the first main entrance into the city from the north for pilgrims visiting Rome as well as the more famous Spanish Steps. These last couple days before reviews, we have been busy rendering our maps, adding the finishing touches to the nolli base map and meeting with other groups to ensure that our section of the map lined up with theirs.
Adding finishing touches to our map
 Since it was nice outside, our final reviews were held outside on the Piazza in front of our study center. Apart from the occasional gust of wind that would blow up our drawings and the bird poop that landed on a classmate's drawing, the beautiful weather was great. Having reviews outside also allowed us to interact with locals. Many people would stop and point out the important landmarks from our drawings and occasionally ask questions.
Setting up the map on the Piazza

The group with the final map!

For our reviews, we had guests Andrea Ponsi as well as our lecturer Paulo attend who offered great feedback and comments. Overall the final reviews went great! Seeing everyone’s hard work come together to create a map of Rome was such an amazing experience. It was a great conclusion to our time in Rome. Our five weeks in Rome went by so fast, I can’t believe our time here is already over! Stay tuned for more blog posts about my time in Istanbul! To learn more about the program you can check out the blog page here!

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