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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Designing Studio Spaces

Hello again!

As I've previously mentioned, this semester I've been working with the graphic design department at the U to help them design and visualize their ideal studio spaces.
Seats can be rearranged for different uses. Set up for large group critique.

Adjustable height desks on wheels for standing or sitting work and rearranging.
I've been working hard on some designs and, as promised, here are some renderings as an update of my progress! These spaces are designed to amp up the current classrooms as they are designed for desktop computer use rather than laptops, which are now the main tool used by students.

The department is envisioning spaces in which the furniture is easily movable and mobile, allowing a lot of flexibility within the spaces to accommodate individual-focused work and the option for group and collaborative work. The walls feature track systems that allow for cork boards and whiteboards to be moved and used as pin-up critique spaces and brainstorming spaces.

I've really enjoyed being able to help them visualize their ideal studio spaces - I'd definitely want to be working and learning in these rooms! These designs are still in progress and aren't set in stone. But, for all you perspective students out there, these could potentially be the studios you use and work in!

Until next time!

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