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Monday, March 7, 2016

Designing Cities, Designing Designers

Hey readers,

Studio 04 is off to an exciting start. My studio is looking at proposing a new public transportation route along West 7th in St. Paul – connecting downtown St. Paul to the airport. My studies in sustainability, cities, and design have driven me to love public transportation and increasing it within cities. More public transportation means fewer cars, right?! Our process thus far has been interesting as well. We first started off by looking at cities – an old, a new, and an imagined city. Finding connecting elements in all three of these cities showed clearly what elements of a city withstand time, and which are important now and for the future. Many of the new and imagined cities focused on sustainability, which was really exciting to see because this needs to be the future of cities and communities.

What has also been great about this semester so far is how my studio professor is encouraging us to dive into other areas of design. We are keeping dream journals, blogging, and automatism drawing. I think it is really important as a designer to spread out over various types of design to keep new ideas flowing and fresh, and so far it has been working very well! Here's one of my city-focused automatism drawings.