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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Class Connection.

Hey everyone,

Sometimes you there are classes you are required to take that you'll put off until the last minute; for me, this is history. So. here I am in my last semester, finally fitting in my architectural history course. I chose this course because it fit into my schedule best, and to my surprise, I am really enjoying the course!

The topic is architectural history in Berlin, and it looks at how the city has recreated itself after the destruction from the wars. It has been really neat learning about specific buildings, but also looking at the city at a larger scale. Berlin is really unique because its history is so extreme. However, I have still found ways to tie what I have learned in this class to the work I've been doing in the studio.

My studio is looking at a large site along West 7th in St. Paul. Having to work with large scale urban fabric is different than any project we've done before, so it is all new. We are looking at what things within the neighborhood are necessary to keep, what we can change, and what some of the landmarks are, as well as trying to understand the people within the neighborhood and learning how they would or would not like their neighborhood to change. 

Finding classes that can connect or overlap is really exciting because I think it provides the opportunity to see architecture come full circle. You can take knowledge from one class and use it in another, and that's what education is all about. :) 

Start seeing what classes might be included in your college education here, as well as what type of work you might be doing from the image below.