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Saturday, February 27, 2016

On The Go Coloring Books

We are now several weeks into this semester, which means that it’s time to wrap up my first projects in each of my studio classes. My favorite of these projects is my packaging assignment, where we were given free range to design the packaging for any set of products as long as they fell into the category of “entertainment.”

I decided I wanted to create my own coloring books and design a sleeve to hold them all so that they can be taken on the go. I thought making a product from scratch would be a fun challenge, and I loved the idea of designing a new kind of entertainment that you could take with you while you’re traveling. This bird is one of the illustrations I designed, and if you'd like to see more. you can check out the pictures I've posted to the College of Design Instagram.

Designing a coloring book wasn’t too much different from a lot of the illustration work I’ve done in the past, but designing the packaging to go along with it was a whole new ball game. I’m definitely not used to designing three-dimensional things, but it’s also exciting to be trying something new! I’m looking forward to my next packaging assignment so much—I can’t remember if I’ve ever been this excited for an upcoming project. Here’s hoping it’s something as rewarding as this project!

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