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Monday, February 8, 2016

It Finally Happened

Yesterday was the Senior Apparel Design Fashion Show: IDENTITY. I can’ t believe that it finally happened. It is a little surreal to finally have finished my senior show and show my senior collection. I can remember when I was still in my first year and helping with the senior class then. Back then, this day seemed so far away.

My Senior Collection, VIVID
My models and I, waiting to hit the runway.

My day started at 7am to meet with hair and makeup to help them get set up. From that point on it was a lot of running around making sure that everything was going well. Making sure that all the designers and models were staying on schedule for their hair and makeup, their photo shoot, and their rehearsal times, as well as trying to keep track of my models and keeping them on schedule. After the show, there was still clean and tear down that needed to happen, so my night didn’t end until about 11pm. No matter how much you plan, and how much you try to maintain a strict schedule, something will happen, and you will fall behind. All you can do is keep going and make any adjustments to get back on track as you can. The whole day was a huge adrenaline rush and created an exhausting next day, but I loved every moment of it.

Overall the show was a complete success! Backstage and earlier in the day, it may have been hectic and crazy, but to the audience, everything was smooth and professional. I couldn’t be happier with how the show turned out. I’ve heard nothing but great things from the people that came and saw the show. I am so proud of all the designers in the Apparel Design Class of 2016. We’ve been through so many things together and I’ve watched every one of them grow to become an amazing designer. I am so honored that I got to share a runway with them

Congrats Apparel Design Class of 2016 on a wonderful show!!

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