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Monday, February 15, 2016

Helpful Resources

This year is flying by! I thought I'd take the time to make a post about some great resources for interior design that I've found through my time at the U of M so far.

Some Interior Design Magazines I've collected recently.
I've previously posted about the importance of getting involved on campus and within professional organizations to help network which can have huge impacts on your job and internship searches in the future. Well one big perk of an IIDA membership is the included subscription that you get as a student member to Interior Design Magazine! It's an amazing resource for the latest in the industry and also provides awesome inspiration and helps familiarize us as students with big manufacturers in the industry. It's a great resource to have around and even if you aren't into reading has great photos so it's easy to just flip through it!

As I'm sure I've previously recommended, Pinterest has been a great resource for me throughout projects. It's so simple and easy to create a board for school and whenever you come across something to pin it and go back to it later. It's a great way to keep track of the websites, products and resources you find but don't have a use for immediately.

Another magazine I've found is a local magazine, Artful Living, is a magazine that has a variety of design and art within it but has been a helpful resource for me to find out about local design firms in the area which has been helpful when I've been looking for internships. The magazine is local, so the places it features are around the Minneapolis - St. Paul area. It is available online, through subscription, and can also be picked up at International Market Square (IMS).

These are just a couple resources that are available when looking for internships, inspiration, or just some entertainment! Sometimes it takes exploring around a bit to discover some helpful and handy things that can be very helpful during your time in school and even looking ahead into your career.

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