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Monday, January 25, 2016

Welcome Back!!

Welcome back everyone!! The first week of classes of the new semester is finished, and for me it’s my last first week of the new semester of my college career. Hopefully everything went well, you found all your classes, and did any last minute adjustments to your schedule that you needed to. This semester I’m taking some physical education classes, as well as, a holistic wellbeing class. I figured, since it’s my last class, I should prep my mind and body for life after college. I’m also taking the Production Development class and a Life Drawing class through the art department. I’m nervous for them both, but I’m also extremely excited for what I’m going to be learning. The Production Development class will take everything that I’ve learned during my time at the U and utilize it to create a product from start to finish into a big presentation for Target. I’m expecting the workload for that class to be pretty hefty, but that it the last class I’m required to take before I graduate, so there is nothing stopping me from doing well. My Life Drawing class is also something I’m super excited about. I’ll be drawing live figures, which I feel like will help me development fashion illustration skills more. Going into the fashion industry as a designer, I learned that good illustration skills are definitely beneficial.

A small preview of one of my looks for the fashion show
In regards to my collection, I’m still not fully complete, and I still have a lot of work left. My pieces are coming along, and I’m happy with what’s happening to them, I just have to keep on trucking to make sure they are ready for the show. I hope that you all got your tickets! Again you can check out our website to learn more about the designers and their collections, as well as, you can buy your tickets!

Some other awesome news that is related to the show, Minnesota Fashion Week put IDENTITY on their calendar. That’s fantastic to have support from MNFW! When you go to their calendar and go to page for the IDENTITY fashion show, they used my sketch as the background for the event!! Here’s the link to the page

That’s my little update for now. Make sure to go buy your tickets and follow the IDENTITY Fashion Shows social media!!

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Instagram: identity 2016

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