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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Power of Change

My newfound, short-term, freedom from all things has thus far been bliss. I’ve enjoyed times with friends and family, ate too much, and celebrated the New Year. A break from school allows the mind and body to relax and reflect as I continue to think about the things the previous semester has taught me.

A few weeks ago in my Historical Preservation course, we took time away from our typical lectures and instead had a class discussion on the readings we had done. Our professor had a few questions lined up in case things got quiet, but once we began talking, ideas, opinions, and facts were being discussed. Discussions like these, with your peers, are so moving. You are able to discover what topics your peers are passionate about as they are able to share their own opinions. It was exciting watching the discussion develop and steer in certain directions on topics of historic preservation that were important to us, as students.

After two class periods of peer discussion, I left feeling quite uplifted. Both conversations taught me a lot. Most importantly, if the future preservationists of the world find certain elements of design, architecture, community, or sustainability underrepresented in the current field of historic preservation, it is our duty to change the field. Every career is ever changing as those involved are learning more and evolving the field to reflect what is important to the community. It's really exciting to realize that we have the power to create change.

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