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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Breaks Over

I hope everyone is having a wonderful break! The spring semester is only a week away, so use up your time of break wisely. My break has been wonderful. I’ve got to catch up on so much sleep! Of course, I’ve also been working in the Student Services office, as well as in the studio finishing up my collection. There is still plenty of work on it, but it’s getting there, I’m beyond excited for everyone to see it! And in order to see it, you have to come to the Identity Fashion show! If you haven’t gotten your tickets, there is still time, so hurry up and get on that!

The show itself is also coming along very nicely. We’ve premiered our promo video to get everyone hyped! Our lookbook photos have come back and we have our lookbook ready to be sent to the printers. There is only 4 weeks left until the show! We’re currently working on our press invitation list, as well as getting products for our VIP swag bags! There are going to be some really nice things in the swag bag, so if you pay just little more, you’ll get prime front row seating, and some really nice things to take away.

Here is the website to get more information about the show, as well as, where you can buy your tickets!

Make sure to also follow and like our social media. You’ll get updates and little sneak peeks into the designers and their collections.

Twitter: @identity_2016
Instagram: identity2016

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Here's a look at the Promo Video