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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ciao Roma!

Winter break is finally over and I am in Rome for my semester abroad!! I already love it here! The city is filled with so much history and beautiful architecture. Everywhere I look I am in awe! We move into our apartments this Thursday and then start our classes soon after. Today, I walked around the city for a little and got checked into my hotel. The next couple of days I plan to explore the city and culture of Rome.

Panorama of Rome
Over winter break, I spent most of my time preparing for my semester abroad. This included packing and stocking up on various art supplies. I also finished and handed in my application for the BED accelerated program. This program will allow me to start my first year of grad school in lieu of my senior year. The application included a letter of intent as well as my portfolio of my work. I will find out if I got into the program sometime in February, so fingers crossed.

I am so excited for this semester in Rome and Istanbul! I will be posting photos and blogs about my time abroad throughout the semester. You can keep updated here and on Instagram.

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Welcome Back!!

Welcome back everyone!! The first week of classes of the new semester is finished, and for me it’s my last first week of the new semester of my college career. Hopefully everything went well, you found all your classes, and did any last minute adjustments to your schedule that you needed to. This semester I’m taking some physical education classes, as well as, a holistic wellbeing class. I figured, since it’s my last class, I should prep my mind and body for life after college. I’m also taking the Production Development class and a Life Drawing class through the art department. I’m nervous for them both, but I’m also extremely excited for what I’m going to be learning. The Production Development class will take everything that I’ve learned during my time at the U and utilize it to create a product from start to finish into a big presentation for Target. I’m expecting the workload for that class to be pretty hefty, but that it the last class I’m required to take before I graduate, so there is nothing stopping me from doing well. My Life Drawing class is also something I’m super excited about. I’ll be drawing live figures, which I feel like will help me development fashion illustration skills more. Going into the fashion industry as a designer, I learned that good illustration skills are definitely beneficial.

A small preview of one of my looks for the fashion show
In regards to my collection, I’m still not fully complete, and I still have a lot of work left. My pieces are coming along, and I’m happy with what’s happening to them, I just have to keep on trucking to make sure they are ready for the show. I hope that you all got your tickets! Again you can check out our website to learn more about the designers and their collections, as well as, you can buy your tickets!

Some other awesome news that is related to the show, Minnesota Fashion Week put IDENTITY on their calendar. That’s fantastic to have support from MNFW! When you go to their calendar and go to page for the IDENTITY fashion show, they used my sketch as the background for the event!! Here’s the link to the page

That’s my little update for now. Make sure to go buy your tickets and follow the IDENTITY Fashion Shows social media!!

Twitter: @identity_2016
Instagram: identity 2016

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Power of Change

My newfound, short-term, freedom from all things has thus far been bliss. I’ve enjoyed times with friends and family, ate too much, and celebrated the New Year. A break from school allows the mind and body to relax and reflect as I continue to think about the things the previous semester has taught me.

A few weeks ago in my Historical Preservation course, we took time away from our typical lectures and instead had a class discussion on the readings we had done. Our professor had a few questions lined up in case things got quiet, but once we began talking, ideas, opinions, and facts were being discussed. Discussions like these, with your peers, are so moving. You are able to discover what topics your peers are passionate about as they are able to share their own opinions. It was exciting watching the discussion develop and steer in certain directions on topics of historic preservation that were important to us, as students.

After two class periods of peer discussion, I left feeling quite uplifted. Both conversations taught me a lot. Most importantly, if the future preservationists of the world find certain elements of design, architecture, community, or sustainability underrepresented in the current field of historic preservation, it is our duty to change the field. Every career is ever changing as those involved are learning more and evolving the field to reflect what is important to the community. It's really exciting to realize that we have the power to create change.

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Breaks Over

I hope everyone is having a wonderful break! The spring semester is only a week away, so use up your time of break wisely. My break has been wonderful. I’ve got to catch up on so much sleep! Of course, I’ve also been working in the Student Services office, as well as in the studio finishing up my collection. There is still plenty of work on it, but it’s getting there, I’m beyond excited for everyone to see it! And in order to see it, you have to come to the Identity Fashion show! If you haven’t gotten your tickets, there is still time, so hurry up and get on that!

The show itself is also coming along very nicely. We’ve premiered our promo video to get everyone hyped! Our lookbook photos have come back and we have our lookbook ready to be sent to the printers. There is only 4 weeks left until the show! We’re currently working on our press invitation list, as well as getting products for our VIP swag bags! There are going to be some really nice things in the swag bag, so if you pay just little more, you’ll get prime front row seating, and some really nice things to take away.

Here is the website to get more information about the show, as well as, where you can buy your tickets!

Make sure to also follow and like our social media. You’ll get updates and little sneak peeks into the designers and their collections.

Twitter: @identity_2016
Instagram: identity2016

Make sure to also follow my blog at to keep up to date with me and what’s going on. Also, follow our Instagram to see some more pics

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Here's a look at the Promo Video

Friday, January 8, 2016

Semesters Past

Alas, the semester has come to an end and I am just months away from graduation. A design education can be incredibly new every semester –new classes, professors, and challenges. However, what is incredibly rewarding is being able to recognize the skills that you have obtained over the years. The things you are learning DO matter, no matter how silly they may seem at the time.

This semester was a difficult one, and I am happy to have it finished and in the books. Us “archies” like to think of architecture as “practical art,” which has both practical, and sometimes boring, elements along with creative, and mostly exciting, elements. This semester focused less on the creative part and more on the practical part. But this is part of architecture, and although the classes were difficult or perhaps did not let all my creative juices flow, they were incredibly necessary for my future. In these classes specifically for architecture students, the professors were able to make sure we could see how the things we were learning relate back to our future profession, which I believe was very beneficial. After it is all said and done, I like to think of these incredibly difficult and challenging semesters as true learning experiences, both educational and personal. Take a minute to check out all of the classes the BS architecture program has to offer here!

Also, take a look at my final presentation board from studio. Our professor had us largely focus on section cuts through our building.



Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Winter Break Is Here & More News!

I'm very excited to say happy winter break! It's finally time to take a break from homework and spend some time visiting with family and friends for the holidays and I'm very excited. As much as I enjoy school and projects, this is a much needed break after a very busy semester. It definitely flew by but it's one more semester under my belt.

I might be sounding a bit like a broken record lately, but I found out the other week that I was the second-place winner of Formica's Student Design Competition!  My professors encouraged all of us students to enter this competition and I'm grateful they did. Otherwise, I wouldn't have even known about it! And it's paid off as another thing I can put on my resume.

For this competition I took my already in-progress project and selected Formica products to use within it. It was very easy to apply for the competition and really didn't take much time considering my project was already underway and I had a lot of potential applications for their products within it. I definitely encourage entering this competition as a student! It isn't very time demanding, it's a great thing to have on a resume, and the winners receive cash prizes - always a plus! It was even mentioned on an article on Interior Design Magazines website!

Anyway, my break is consisting of a lot of movies, crafts and Netflix and a LOT of relaxing. I don't think I'd have it any other way! Hopefully everyone is having a great winter break and happy holidays!

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