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Monday, December 21, 2015


Hello again!

As an update from my last post, the results of the next round of the Steelcase NEXT Student Competition have been revealed and I was the lucky recipient of an Honorable Mention! This means I don't compete in the final round but my project was selected as one of the top designs from the submissions from schools across the nation. It was selected for this honor as one of 5 from over 700 designs and 60 different programs. There are 5 semi-finalists that will now go to present their projects to the judges in person and from there, one person will be the big winner!

I'm proud of myself for receiving an honorable mention and have received a lot of congratulations from the faculty and my classmates. Everyone is very excited for me and I feel so much support. I'm happy I can make my school so proud!

Overall, this has been a crazy semester with tons of work but it has been very rewarding because I've learned so much. Just last week I had three projects due, which shows how exciting my semester has been! But my classmates and I have all made it through with a lot of new knowledge. And now, winter break is so close! There's just a couple things left to do. I have construction documents due coming up (pictured to the right) that are also requiring a lot of time but they are something that I'm learning a lot from. They look like a mess but it's an organized mess! They are reviewed and redlined and then I make whatever corrections are pointed out and highlight them so I know what I've fixed. After those are complete and turned in, I will have just one final and then it's winter break! Another semester almost complete, it's flown by!

Hang in there everybody!
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