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Monday, December 14, 2015

The Pressure Is On

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! Whether you were with family or with just friends celebrating, I hope that you got some good food with some good company. I’m one of those people that takes advantage of the vacated campus as an opportunity to finish work. Having people in the studio is great for the company, but once your projects start to become bigger, the space for your work is much more appreciated. An empty studio where I can spread out and work is definitely a cherished commodity, especially at this point of the semester, when everyone is working on their final projects. 

I finally started cutting into my final fabric, and it’s always such an experience that fills me with anxiety. Fabric is expensive and sometimes is only available in limited supply, so cutting it always feels like a game of Russian roulette, where I get nervous and anxious that a mistake will happen that I can’t take back. I’m slowly making progress on getting the final looks together. I’m hoping by the end of this weekend to have at least 2 complete looks finished. Only 2 weeks left until everything will have to be done! This is definitely crunch time! I know everyone is feeling the pressure, so if you run into an apparel designer around this time, please be kind :)

Hand Pleated Cummer Bund Waistband
Net Bustier Base

Here are some pictures of my work in progress!

I also wanted to update everyone that our social media for the fashion show is up and running! Make sure to check us out on Facebook (, Twitter (@identity_2016), and Instagram (identity2016)! Like us and share us! Our website should be up soon, so keep a look out for that!! 

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