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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Can you believe Thanksgiving has passed? Here's a photo of what designers do at Thanksgiving! It's nearly time to start buckling down with finals, and before you it the holidays will be with us! This semester has been a whirlwind. Some weeks are crazy busy and I hardly have time to think, and others are scattered with a few assignments and I can catch up on sleep. Each week brings me new opportunities and knowledge that is taking me one step closer to graduation.

This past week I met my new mentor, and it was incredible. Every year, the College of Design holds the Mentorship Program for upperclassmen. This allows each discipline the opportunity to connect with a professional in their field. Being that I am a super senior, I have had three mentors. Its been very interesting because each mentor has been very different. Their backgrounds, interests, future goals –all match mine in one way or another, but it has allowed me to see that a career in architecture or design can bring me different places in my future.

My newest mentor has a background in human factors and ergonomics and studied architecture for her masters. She is a planning and strategies consultant rather than an architect, which I think is so interesting. I hear from architects pretty often, so I am really excited to hear about her field of design. We bonded over the focus on humans in design and sustainability. Both of these topics are something we are incredibly passionate about, and what we feel is often lacking in the built environment. I think my third mentor might be the perfect mentor for me :)