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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Fusion + Fashion

Another week of the semester done and it's been a busy one. Projects due dates are coming up, which means crunch time! I took some time off this week to get out in the world by attending IIDA's Fusion + Fashion event. It's a HUGE event they hold every year in which groups (students, firms, etc.) create outfits using construction materials. There are some crazy outfits and it's so amazing to see what these groups come up with!

A group of students from my class entered this year (outfit pictured on the right). Notice that it is literally constructed from a chair... crazy! They also used wall covering for the dress.

The big winner was a group from Aveda. I'm not sure exactly what theirs is made of but look for yourself, it's amazing (video on left). There are a lot of winning categories including most unique material and best stage presence. Overall it's a super fun event and great for a night out! It was an awesome break from working on projects and I'd definitely encourage people to go for a fun night out in the upcoming years.

As for school, work on projects continues. I look forward to sharing my office design with you in the upcoming weeks for the Steelcase NEXT Competition, it's coming along!

Until next time!
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