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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Finals Week is Here

Can you believe the last week of classes has ended? Each semester seems to go by faster than the last. Studying for final exams, writing papers and working on projects for all of my classes can become stressful at times. I find making a checklist helps me organize and prioritize all the dates and assignments. Just the simple act of crossing off an assignment I accomplished is very rewarding and motivating! Another thing that I find useful during final, is taking quick breaks. Whether it is doing a quick workout, or going to grab coffee with friends, this time off can help me relax and then refocus once I start studying again. 

During finals week, I spend a lot of time at the library. My favorite spot is McGrath Library on the St. Paul campus because it is often very quiet and has big windows that let the light in.  Many of the libraries, including Walter, Biomedical, and Wilson have extended hours throughout finals to allow students a place to study 24/7. Another cool thing the libraries offer is stress relieving study break activities. Each library has unique activities that students can do. Some activities include free coloring sheets like this one, free chair massages at Biomed or building with LEGOs and kinetic sand at Walter. 

Check out more fun activities at the UMN library website here!

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