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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Accelerated Program Application Process

This semester I am beginning to start my application for the accelerated program offered in my Landscape Design and Planning (LDP) major. The accelerated program is a great opportunity that allows me to begin my first year of graduate school during my senior year. Instead of completing the undergraduate LDP and Masters of Landscape Architecture (MLA) in 7 years, I would be able to complete it in 6 years. The MLA program continues the curriculum of the LDP through broader exploration of landscape ecology and systems, as well as providing extensive studio experience.

Included in the application process are two essays - a statement of interest and a critical issue essay, three letters of recommendation, as well as a portfolio. A portfolio is an opportunity to show your artistic and design ability through your work. The portfolio is also an opportunity to represent your own personal style through the overall design and layout. With the application due in January, I have been working hard gathering all of my important projects from many of my classes and then organizing them into my portfolio using a program called Illustrator. The courses in the LDP major prepare you well by having many design projects that can be used in the portfolio. Projects in a couple classes have been carried over to subsequent classes, so I know have both hand and computer rendered illustrations depicting my designs. I am excited to continue working on my application this semester and hopefully being able to be a part of the accelerated program next year. To learn more about this you can visit the Landscape Architecture homepage.


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