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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Time is Flying By

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween. This has definitely been a beautiful fall that we’ve been experiencing so far, but where has the time gone?! It’s already November! That means we have around 7 weeks left of the semester, and soon registration for the next semester will be open. The rest of the semester will probably be a whirlwind and it will still feel like my senior year just started.

Test Garments
To give you an update from my last post, I completed my test garments for my presentation.  I felt that it went well, and I got some great feedback from the faculty. Now I will begin construction on my final garments. I’ll probably have many fittings, many mistakes, and lots of adjustments before I fully complete the garments. For the rest of my semester, I’ll be busy with the fittings, construction, and adjustments! In the end, I know that it will be worth it. The satisfaction of seeing your designs come to life has to be one of the best things about being a designer.

I also want to mention that we will be finalizing the theme and look for our senior fashion show, Identity. The graphic designers have been working really hard to produce some wonderful options, so it’s going to be hard to choose just one. Be on the lookout for it!

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