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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lighting Design Project

Hi everybody!

This past month or so in my IDES 3612 class (lighting design) we have been working on designing light fixtures for a Dallas company that challenged us with thinking of designs for a light fixture. Well now the project is complete and we've sent off our designs to North Carolina to be put in a trade show! People will vote and there will be a winning light fixture that will be produced and sold.
I've included some pictures of mine and a couple other students' lights to show you what we came up with. It was a really fun project and definitely something that I was a little hesitant about being able to do, but it turns out that I produced a product that I really like! I think a lot of people were really proud of the lamps they produced and thought that they would be really cool to have!

Now that that project is complete, we are starting a new project where we do the lighting plan for a retail store in an airport. We were all assigned different companies and different airports around the world for our stores to be placed. So right now we are working on the research of the companies and the airports.

As for studio, we're still working hard on our office design project. We just turned in a big part of our project, the research binder, and are now figuring out space planning. Its crazy that we're already halfway through the semester! There's a ton going on but things are definitely flying by.

See you next time!
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