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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Get Involved!

Hi everyone!

Hopefully all is going well and everyone is hanging in there as the semester continues on. I want to start off with some great news, my lamp that I posted about previously actually was the class winner! It went to a trade show in North Carolina and received the popular vote! Now it goes on to compete against the winners at other schools which will take place sometime next semester. I put another photo of it in this post because I'm so proud!

Other than that, I wanted to make this post about involvement. This semester in the program is a really tough one and it's hard to find time but there are also a lot of opportunities for networking and meeting professionals that I'm trying my best to stay involved in. I really recommend students become involved in whatever they can starting freshman year!

There are two major organizations I will talk about that I think students should be involved in, ASID and IIDA. They are both interior design associations that students can join (at a discounted price, may I add!) that hold various events and forums throughout the year that students can attend and network at. Bonus: there's always good food. This semester I'm doing a mentorship program though IIDA called INSIGHT. It's a cool program that connects a student with a professional to bond with over the course of the school year and potentially longer should you decide to stay in touch. I met my mentor at a kickoff event a couple weeks ago and she's a great resource for me! Look for my upcoming post, I will be sharing another mentorship kickoff event that takes place through the College of Design. This one requires you to be at least a junior but when the time comes, I suggest you take advantage of the opportunity to be set up with a mentor!

Within the U of M, there is also IDSA (Interior Design Student Association). This group hosts monthly meetings that consist of a variety of activities (bowling, resume/portfolio review, and so many more). These events are great because they are usually very conveniently located and it's not only a great way to potentially connect with professionals but also to connect with students outside of just your own class.

I could write a huge list of all the different kind of events that these kinds of organizations host but that would take a long time so I suggest getting it straight from the source and taking a look at the calendars, keep an eye out and an ear open for events, and take advantage of the opportunities! You never know who you'll meet or what that connection will do for you in the future.

Be bold and get out there!
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