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Monday, November 9, 2015

Freedom by Design

Hey designers,

We've just passed the midterm! It's crazy how fast this semester has been going, and it's my last year! I'll admit I've been so busy, and that always assists in the time passing quickly. I keep myself busy with a job, studio projects, student groups, and of course with friends. 

I have been in a few different student groups during my years on campus, and I always find them really rewarding. I have mostly been engaged with new, international, sustainable, or architecture students. Being in groups outside of architecture has been nice because I am able to meet students from different areas of study. However, this year, I decided to join (with a big push from my friends) Freedom By Design. You can check out their website here. It has been a really great experience so far. I get to do some of my favourite things for a great reason -talk architecture and design, see friends, and do creative thinking, all to help others. Not to mention the free bagels!

We are just finishing up a project for Autism Awareness where we built canvases to be sent to schools for children to paint on before having them passed to different schools for a final exhibition in April. It was cool to get hands on and build something at a larger scale than a model. Many of the other projects are building at an even larger scale than canvases, which is really great experience. The next project we will be working on is a musical playground.