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Monday, November 30, 2015

Finding Your Balance

With a little less than a month until our senior show, things are really starting to ramp up. While we've all been insanely busy, working hard on our thesis exhibitions and portfolios, it is important that we remember to find a balance between all of the work and having some down time. With so much to do and deadlines looming it can be difficult to step away, even if just for a bit. However, doing so can make a real difference in not only your productivity and quality of work, but also your mental health. So this weekend I decided to do just that and had a great time relaxing around a bonfire with friends. Now that I have given myself a break, I’m refreshed and ready to tackle the homestretch!

Other great ways to take a break (while still feeling productive) are attending some of CDes’ fantastic events such as DirtyLaundry, Sketch Off, and Design 7 in 7.

If de-stressing stresses you out like it does me, when you’re planning out assignments and commitments, just remember to schedule in some downtime as well. Time management includes more than just managing school and work, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself as well.

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