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Monday, October 26, 2015

Welcoming Exploration

Hello readers, old and new!

School is back in session and has definitely started off with a bang. Entering my last(!) year of architecture, we are getting even more into architecture –studio, structures, environmental technology, oh boy! It is going to be a very busy semester filled with creativity and equations.

Along with my classes, I am also part of The Center for Academic Planning & Exploration’s (CAPE) mentorship program. CAPE is an awesome (free) center for students to talk to if they are undecided, or looking to get more information on the area of study they have chosen. Already this year I have been paired with a first year student studying architecture who is curious on the lifestyle of architecture students and which degree to pursue in the future. I believe gaining insight from students is the best advice. Professors can only tell you so much about the courses, while current students can provide a better understanding of the workload and the atmosphere around Rapson Hall. Architecture is definitely a fantastic field of study, and I am looking forward to be able to provide an insight to future gophers throughout this year! Here's studio 03 just a few weeks in..