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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

College & Career

Hey readers,

We are nearly one month into the school year and here in Studio 03, we already have one more project to add to our portfolios. Studio is intense, but always worth the time and effort when you receive a great review. Here's an image from our first studio project this semester.

I have been able to dedicate a bit more time to these projects since I have not been working like I usually am during the school year. However, that is about to change because I got a job! I have always been an advocate of student employment, especially in a field like architecture, or any design for that matter. I feel it is essential to start gaining experience early on. 

Design school challenges us intellectually, it makes us think outside of the box in a way we probably never have before. It's about learning new ways of exploration, theoretically, metaphorically, and physically. The skills learned in design school are so valuable, but would be difficult to learn in any other environment. By complementing our education with professional experience, we are able to become more well-rounded students, ready for the career world. With professional experience, we get to learn how to work with a team, rather than just our peers. Skills working with clients, project practicality, and building codes are gained.

The U has great resources within the university, as well as within the Twin Cities. Finding a job is easy through the U’s employment page as well as GoldPass. See what kind of opportunities are available – internships, assistants within Rapson, or even undergraduate research assistants (my newest position!).