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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hello! My name is _____

Hello everyone!

I’m Jessica and I am the Student Blogger representing the Retail Merchandising program this year. I am so excited to share with you my adventures as a senior at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities! First, I thought it would make sense to tell you a little about myself.

- My favorite part of the Retail Merchandising program is the combination of both business and design courses. Is anyone else a mixture of being left and right-brained?!

- My current coffee order is chai (because tea is better than coffee).

- Traveling is my passion. I love exploring new cultures, trying new foods, and getting out of my comfort zone in a foreign country. This winter break, I am off to explore Thailand! If you have any suggestions of where to go or what to eat, please let me know in the comments below.

- My favorite shows from New York Fashion Week were DVF, Kate Spade, and Tommy Hilfiger.

- My top five strengths are harmony, includer, input, relator, and positivity!

- I am an identical twin! She goes to the U of M as well, which leads to some pretty funny stories.

- I work at a local children’s clothing boutique. Everything is cuter when it is mini. Baby clothing is so much easier to fold than adult clothing.

- I am currently searching for the perfect pair of heeled cognac booties. Comfortable and narrow around the ankle. I know they are out there somewhere. Right?!

- I found out my love for kangaroos when I studied abroad this past May in Australia. Below is a picture of me with my favorite Joey…Joey. (Creative, huh?) We visited the Zoo that Steve Erwin’s family still owns and operates!

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