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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Happy Summer!

Finals are over and summer is finally here! I am now officially halfway through college. I spent my first night of summer vacation having nightmares about forgetting to submit papers, but it feels great to know that I don't have any more assignments due.

I will be spending part of my summer as an intern at Martha O'Hara Interiors, a small residential firm just outside of Minneapolis. I'm excited to learn more about residential design! Based on our conversations so far, it sounds like I will be sitting in on client meetings, working with design teams, managing the library, and tagging along on site visits and photo shoots. It sounds like a really great learning experience.

greatlakeslogo.jpgThis internship is unpaid, which is common for small firms, but there are many ways to get funding from other sources. I applied for and received funding from the Great Lakes Grant through the U of M. The Great Lakes Grant is great for students doing unpaid internships because it allows them to gain the experience without worrying about finances. It is a short and easy application, and it's definitely worth the effort.

I hope everyone else is as excited about summer vacation as I am! Hopefully the nightmares will subside once it sets in that it's finally summer.

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