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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Cisterns, Project 03

Happy May, everyone!

In just a few short days, I will be finished with my second architecture studio! Much like Studio 01 at the U of M, the last project of the semester was quite long, as we spent over eight weeks working on the project. This semester, project three is about creating performance spaces, such as dance, theatre, or music, in existing cisterns within a park in central Copenhagen. I had never seen a cistern prior to this project, so it was really fascinating to research them and learn about their history. The cisterns are incredibly large, dark, and cold, so creating a performance space within the cisterns is very unique.

I have an interest in historical preservation, so I find this project insightful and relevant to what I hope to do in my future career. For my project, I decided to work directly with the cisterns and a number of the programmatic elements within them. Other students in my studio find the cisterns difficult to work with and are planning their structures near or on top of the cisterns. Once I experienced the cisterns, I thought it was a very cool place, but I thought it could perhaps be used for something more unique than its current exhibition space. The cisterns are part of Copenhagen's history and I believe they should be a place for people to freely visit, which is why I chose to work within the cisterns.

I am not completely finished with all of my renderings, so here is an image of how the cisterns currently look.

interior-i (1).jpg