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Friday, April 3, 2015

Major Issues!

Hey everyone!

If you're anything like I was at the start of college, you might not know what major is the best fit for you. I promise you that you're not alone. You'll find that a lot of students start college either undecided or with only a slight idea of what they want to do.

Here's how I ultimately chose the retail merchandising major:

When I came to the U of M, I hadn't yet decided on a major. I was always interested in biology and chemistry, but I also had a very creative mind. I started my freshman year by taking general courses in a variety of subjects (creative courses, biology courses, etc.) so I could play around with different areas of interest in hopes that it would help me decide. By the end of my freshman year, I still didn't know for sure what I wanted to major in. I was becoming anxious and frustrated.

My sophomore year was when everything fell into place. I decided to make an appointment with a Center for Academic Planning (CAPE) coach. CAPE coaches are available to assist students who are having a difficult time choosing a major. After having a few meetings with a CAPE coach, carefully considering what I found important in a major, and analyzing my strengths and weaknesses, I chose to major in retail merchandising.

The retail merchandising major had everything I was looking for and still lives up to my expectations every day. With creativity, hands on experiences, online classes, and supportive professors and advisers, I knew this was the major for me.

If you find yourself struggling to decide on a major, I highly recommend making an appointment with a CAPE coach. They're always willing to help and truly care about what is best for you.

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This photo was taken three years ago at my orientation. TIME FLIES! #GoGophers

Best of luck,
Retail Merchandising