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Friday, April 24, 2015

Houston, We Don't Have a Problem

Man, this week flew by so fast and was jammed packed with stuff to do! Last Sunday, my fellow classmates and I flew down to Houston to finally present our hard work at the Wearable Technology Symposium for NASA!

Overall, the trip was a great success and we all had so much fun! Our flights down there went smoothly and we arrived in Houston with amazing weather. We went to Rocket Park to see this massive rocket, where all of us had a field day taking selfies. If you're presented with a massive rocket, what else are you going to? Of course you have to take tons of selfies.

That first night we all regrouped to put the final touches on our presentations and rehearsed to make sure our presentations were perfect. No matter how much we rehearsed, I don't think that there was any possible way we would have been able to overcome our nervousness. Presenting to NASA, a room full of engineer students and industrial design students, creates some pressure. All of our presentations went well, and we were well received by everyone. It was so amazing to see everyone else's designs, especially the other teams that did the same project as ours.

After the symposium, we got to take a tour of the training center for the astronauts, the current mission control, as well as the mission control used for the Apollo missions. Seeing that historic room was truly amazing. Everything was preserved to how it was originally. After that we went to Kemah Boardwalk and got to spend some real fun, quality time with each other, without having to worry about any projects. It was a great time, and it really brought us closer as a class. The perfect way to wind down our junior year and take us into our senior year as we prepare our senior collections.

Here some photos of the fun!
DSC_0425.jpg DSC_0472.jpg DSC_0490.jpg DSC_0502.jpg DSC_0530.jpg DSC_0542.jpg

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