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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Study Tour!

Hello Future Gophers!

I just returned from a weeklong study tour with my architecture peers and professor. We visited Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. This trip was absolutely amazing. We visited cities and sites that I likely would not visit on my own, either because of the obstacles to travel there, or the money it would cost to visit such sites. Also, by going with school and with a group of students, we were lucky enough to have guided tours of many of the sites we visited, which is something I would never receive had I travelled there on my own. I think opportunities like this is what makes this study abroad program so unique. Its slogan is, "Copenhagen as your home, Europe as your classroom." What could be better than that!?

I could go on and on about every site that we visited but instead I made a photo collage of the sites.

Beyler Fondation - Vitra Haus - Vitra Fire Station - Vitra Slide - Freiburg, Germany - Church San Benedetg - Swiss Alps - Peter Zumthor Vacation Homes - Gemeinde Ludesch - St. Gerold Community Center - Kunsthaus Bregenz - Bauhaus Masters House - Bauhaus Modern Masters House - Bauhaus School - Einsteinturm


We had a long bus ride home, where I had a lot of time to reflect on the week. I've realized more and more this semester the importance of precedent studies. In my last project there were multiple buildings I called on for inspiration for my own building design. Therefore, there is great value in visiting architecture so you can gain inspiration for your own projects, or perhaps learn what did not work well in other buildings. I love traveling and I have for awhile, so I am very pleased to be in a field where traveling is an essential element. So get out and explore your surroundings and the world!

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