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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Danish Design

Life in Copenhagen has been quieter these past few weeks. After getting back from a travel break, I had a lot to do in my other classes besides studio, and in studio we began our third and final project for the semester. It has been nice to be back home in Copenhagen and get back into the swing of things. But I leave again on Saturday for a personal trip to Nice and Prague. I'm always on the move here!

The other evening, I met with a connection I formed upon my arrival in Denmark--an architect! She is a young architect who just started her professional career after graduating from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. This school offers programs in architecture, landscape architecture, graphic design, apparel, and a number of other design disciplines. She was able to show me a bit of her work, which was so incredible to see. A lot of her work looked like projects I've completed before. It made me realize I am getting closer to the end of my education, which means it will be time for the real world soon!

It was also very nice to talk with her about the job market for architects in Denmark. I have fallen in love with this country, and would have great pleasure to come back here again to live. However, the job market is difficult for architects in Denmark. She was unemployed for a year before she got the job she has now. Denmark takes very good care of its unemployed citizens though, so she has been okay. In the next couple of days, she plans on compiling a list of firms in Copenhagen for me to look into for potential jobs this summer, and also for post-graduation. The real world can be tough, so I am open to any connections and recommendations I can get! So just a healthy reminder about Career & Internship Services and the awesome (free!) services it provides to help get you on your way to being a professional!

And then just a little sneak peak of where I'll be in a few short days :D