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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Another Field Trip

Spring break is drawing to a close, meaning we are on the home stretch to summer now!

The other week for my materials class (IDES 2613), my classmates and I toured Tile by Design in Plymouth (located in the NW section of the Twin Cities metropolitan area).Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 1.52.47 PM.png
We went to talk about different kinds of tile as well as their benefits and aspects, such as durability, clean-ability, etc. We learned about natural vs. polished surfaces and the differences between types like terracotta, porcelain, ceramic and so on. We also got to explore the showroom.

My favorite area was the space featuring future tile trends. There were some unique items and interesting combinations. I Instagrammed one of the displays in that section (on the right) that shows a chevron pattern using colored tiles with the appearance of wood. This is just one example of the interesting tile textures, displays, and colors that I have never seen or thought of before.

It was a fascinating tour, and I suggest a tile showroom visit for anyone who is interested in interior design or wants to learn more about tile products. The employees were so supportive; they were excited to share information and show us around. It was a great thing to experience in person rather than learn about in a classroom or online.

Hopefully everyone has/had a great spring break; time to get back to class!

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