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Monday, February 9, 2015


Hello readers!

My architecture studio in Copenhagen brings together students from a number of universities and with different backgrounds. Some students are in the pre-architecture program here, and they come from backgrounds such as art history to theatre art. This made our first project very interesting.

My group was made up of two architecture students, including myself, an interior design student, and an art history student. Even between the other architecture student and me, there were many differences in our education and what we have learned thus far. This created a very dynamic group because we all had different strengths to contribute. I think this element of study abroad is another learning experience in itself. Although my next two projects won't be group projects, I am still working with students of other backgrounds during studio. Being able to listen to the ideas and thought processes of another design student is fascinating.

Vitra_C.-Richters_16.jpgThe purpose of our first project was to become familiar with buildings that we will be visiting later this month as we travel to Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. My group and I were analyzing the Vitra Fire Station on the Vitra Campus in Germany. Check out all of Vitra's exquisite buildings here. The building was very interesting to study because its design is very abstract and unique. The model was challenging, but with (a lot) of precision, it turned out beautifully!

Later this week the architecture students will be taking a trip outside of Copenhagen to other cities in Western Denmark. I'm very excited to see the architecture outside of the major city and learn more about the lifestyles there. Make sure to follow UMNDesign's Instagram for more updates on my trip!