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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Textbook Shopping!

Winter break is coming to a close and spring semester is quickly approaching. As everyone is getting back to campus and ready for school, we all realize we have one very daunting task ahead of us--the search for textbooks. I sometimes have to buy about eight textbooks a semester, so I thought I'd share some of my tried-and-true resources to help you with your future textbook searches.

First of all, there's the U of M Bookstore, which sometimes can be the best deal for a book and, since it's right on campus, there are no shipping costs!

I also recommend looking online for textbooks, which can lead to some really good deals, saving you money and sometimes offering a quality book at a lower price. My first online go-to is always Amazon. Just type in the IBSN number of your book and then you can compare prices from difference people selling them. There are also a lot of online vendors such as Chegg, AbeBooks, etc. that can give you great deals on new or used books and rentals.

I've also recently found out about U-SWAP which is an online marketplace for students to post listings for textbooks and housing. This could be a great way to get textbooks from U of M students at a good deal. Some people probably are just trying to get rid of them and the incentive of a few dollars could really work in your favor.

I encourage you to check out these websites and see what kind of deals you can find. Sometimes it may seem the easiest to just pay full price for textbooks, but hunting for the best deal can really save you money. In my experience, it has been worth it!

Good luck on the textbook search,

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