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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Portfolio Progress

Hello Everyone!

Classes have officially started again, but as winter break wrapped up, I was able to check off a major goal on my to-do list for the break. I FINALLY finished updating and polishing my online portfolio!

When creating my online portfolio, I actually used two different websites. My main site can be found on Weebly and my secondary site is on Behance.

While it is definitely not necessary to have two websites, they serve different purposes for me. My Weebly portfolio is designed like a webpage and allows a lot more freedom to make it my own, as well as to integrate personal branding that you would find on my resume, cover letters, and other application materials.

My Behance site on the other hand is designed more as a collection of my work. The advantages of this website is that I can see how many people are viewing each of my projects, and it allows users to "appreciate" projects as well. Finally, having a Behance allows me to connect it to the Behance app I have on my iPad so that I can also have a digital portfolio to bring into interviews.


Some other sites I've heard designers are using include Squarespace and Cargo Collective, but I do personally recommend either Behance or Weebly! Both are free and very easy to use.

Until next time,

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