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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hej from København.

Hej from København!

Today marks one week since I arrived in Copenhagen. It has been such a long week, but an absolutely wonderful week! During the first few days, we had orientation and fun things to do around Copenhagen to get us better acquainted. Classes began on Thursday and I am excited to dive into them! My architecture professors have such exquisite backgrounds, I am so lucky to have the opportunity to learn from them and gain a new perspective on my design work.

retro-oval-dining-table-dm9900.jpgDenmark is a fascinating country in more ways than I imagined. I thought there were a lot of bikes in Minneapolis, but Copenhagen has eight times more daily bike commuters! So many bikes! I've also been learning more about the equality here in Denmark. The typical Danish dining table looks a lot like this image. If you are familiar with New Nordic Design, you will recognise the sleek and minimal design of this table. What is so interesting as to why Danes fancy this table is because of its more oval shape -- it doesn't allow one person to be at the head of the table. Since every human is equal, it would be out of place for one person to be seated there. It is incredibly intriguing how a culture can influence design, and how design can influence culture. This is something I find very interesting, and I look forward to learning about how this stands true in Danish culture, and finding ways on how this is also true for American culture.

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Hej hej,