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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

There's No Place Like Home

This is the final week for the program at Central Saint Martins in London. This week, we are doing our finishing touches on our final projects, as well as setting up an exhibition of all the work we have done while we've been here. The exhibition is in collaboration with the studio art students and the graphic design students who are also studying abroad. The task is to be able to curate all of our work into a cohesive exhibition, which means that we have to look at the space available to us, and decide what works we want to display and how we are going to display them. Turns out, putting up and curating an exhibition is a lot harder than you might think, especially when you have to make a cohesive show with so many different styles and pieces from everyone.

I'm excited and sad at the same time that my time here is almost done. I've learned a lot of things, had some amazing experiences, and have made some amazing new friends while I've been here. I'm excited to bring back the new knowledge I've learned here into the work I'll be doing when I get home. There will definitely be things I'll miss about London, but I'm definitely ready to go home.

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