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Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Final Review.

Sault Archies!

The whirlwind of studio finals is now over, and I'm approaching my last exam of the semester. I'd have to say this semester has flown by faster than any semester yet, which is just bringing me closer to my departure date for Copenhagen!

Our Studio One review was on the 8th, so after our return from Thanksgiving break, it was crunch time. I spent most of my time the weekend before the review at Rapson Hall making models and drawings. Although I spent a lot of time preparing for the presentation, it was a blast to be surrounded by all my friends who had the same deadline.

When it came time for the review, I was ready to rock my presentation. I had been working on this project for eight weeks, and I felt confident. That said, not everyone who looks at your project can feel the same way about it as you. This review was probably the hardest one I've had to date. I had to keep in mind that design is about pleasing yourself (mostly) and pleasing others (also important) who are grading and reviewing your project, but also have many more years of experience. I was happy with my designs and felt they were strong, so I tried to brush it off. Being critiqued by your peers and professionals takes a lot of courage. You have to remind yourself not to take it too personally because, ultimately, their goal is to help you improve.

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