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Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Snow is Falling!

It has begun...the snow is falling and we can now say that winter is here. Some of us have grown up in Minnesota and snowy places like this, and others students are coming from places in which they have never encountered snow before. Either way, the U of M has some tricks up its sleeve for avoiding the cold and hopefully I can help you stay warm by sharing them!


First we have the campus buses. I've mentioned how convenient they are in previous posts and I can't emphasize it enough--the buses are lifesavers! Not only can you get on the Campus Connector to go to the St. Paul campus, but there are Campus Circulators that are perfect for getting you shorter distances. The East Bank Circulator and St. Paul Circulator travel throughout campus, the Washington Avenue Bridge Circulator goes between East and West Banks, and the Weekend Circulator runs until 2 am to safely get you around campus on the weekends. These buses are so convenient and easy to use, and can really save you on colder days.

Second is the Gopher Way. Totally underestimated and unknown by many, the Gopher Way is a series of tunnels and paths that students can use to get around campus indoors without having to face the elements. There's an online map and PDF that offers information and shows exactly where the tunnels and paths are on all three campuses. You can get you pretty far without having to go outside. Take a look so you can start taking advantage of it!

Apart from the obvious solution of bundling up against the cold, I seriously recommend exploring these great options for getting around campus in the winter!

Stay warm!
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