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Thursday, November 13, 2014


Snow! Snow seems to bring mixed emotions to many people. I find it exciting. Yes, it brings extra work and cold temps, but it creates a completely different mood and world. If anyone understands the added work it brings, it would be me.

I work for a landscape company that does snow removal in the winter and have spent plenty of sleepless nights plowing and shoveling. However, the white snow brings out every color and makes a sunny wintery day brighter than mid July.

Also, campus becomes a completely different place: roller blades are replaced with cross country skis, hockey and basketball become prevalent again, and everything is covered in snow. Bikers fall because they think they can still bike, and folks waiting for the campus buses--the Campus Connector and Campus Circulator--become covered in a breath-made cloud. Maybe the snow is just a sign that the holidays are right around the corner. I find it refreshing!

A snowy scene from around campus:


Some more inspiring winter images:

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