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Sunday, November 16, 2014


Hello, everyone!

These past weeks in Minnesota have been a snowy few. However, the snow doesn't stop classes or events from being held. I want to take this blog post to share a little about my favorite student group on campus: FAB. Sounds FAB-ulous, right?

FAB stands for Fashion and Business. I first learned about this group when I was a sophomore and was having a difficult time getting involved on campus. My Center for Academic Planning and Exploration, or CAPE, coach recommended that I join FAB to meet and connect with other students interested in the opportunities that the fashion world has to offer. This group isn't specific to retail merchandising majors. The main thing that FAB members have in common is their passion for fashion and the endless opportunities the industry has to offer.

FAB holds many great events throughout the semester. Recently, they held an interview workshop that I found very helpful. They've also held tours of local Minneapolis boutiques, behind-the-scenes Mall of America tours, and other experiences that I would have never been able to have if I wasn't a part of FAB!

If you want to get involved around campus and are interested in fashion and business, I would highly suggest joining FAB! To learn more, check out its Facebook page!

I have my calendar marked for FAB's most recent event that will be taking place on Tuesday!


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